Home Heating Oil Prices Delaware

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Home heating oil prices in DE


Jan 06, 2014 3.909
Dec 30, 2013 3.919
Dec 23, 2013 3.847
Dec 16, 2013 3.802
Dec 09, 2013 3.786
Dec 02, 2013 3.774
Nov 25, 2013 3.728
Nov 18, 2013 3.667


Save money on your heating costs this winter. Oil prices continue to rise. You can lower your fuel costs by shopping for the best prices, but there is more you can do.

Use a programmable thermostat. These are great saving you time and money with your heating and cooling costs. Set it as low as comfortable for the winter and high as you are comfortable. Use the programmable feature so you can set the heat to come up before you get out of bed in the morning. It can also automatically lower the temperature when you leave for work in the morning. No sense keeping the home hot while no one is home. You can also program it to raise the heat before you come home.

These are a great inexpensive money saver and you can install it yourself.

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